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Here We Go!

I'm going to pull a random rune to kick off this journal:

I pulled Jera, rune of the fruitful harvest! This is what my notes say about Jera:

"Reward for positive action, plenty, peace, proper timing; or repetition, bad timing, poverty, conflict. Also the year (harvest), and orbit (life cycle).

Some rune stanza's concerning Jera:

"Harvest is the hope of men when god lets, holy king of heaven, the earth give her bright fruits to the nobles and the needy."

Norwegian Rune Stanza
"Harvest is the profit of men; I say that Frodhi was generous."

Icelandic Rune Stanza
"Harvest is the profit of all men and a good summer and a ripened field. Year. 'All-Ruler'."
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